Stop is Fanatee’s take on a word game regarded as a classic throughout the world. Known as Tutti Frutti, Jeu du Baccalauréat, Stadt Land Fluss, among others, the game is simple enough: pick a letter at random, then do your best to find words starting with that letter that fit under the different categories (e.g. Names of Countries, Body Parts, Superheroes, and many more). There’s just one twist: you don’t know how quick your opponent is, so you have to think fast! And watch out for typos.

How To Play


1. How do I play this game?
Take a look at our video above. In case you want the old school written directions, here goes:

1. Open the game
2. Click on Start New Game, located on top of your screen
3. Select “Play with Facebook Friends”, then select the language you wish to play in (located below the “Play with Facebook Friends” button).
4. Choose the friend you want to play with. If they’re already playing Stop, they’ll show up in the “Friends Playing Stop” section and you can challenge them. If not, invite your friends!
5. Select the five categories you find the most interesting or amusing.
6. Spin the letter selection wheel to randomly pick a letter of the alphabet
7. Fill in the different categories with words that start with the letter you randomly picked
8. Drag down the “Stop” button when you’re done.
9. Win. Or lose. Depends.
10. Repeat steps 2-10.
2. I just got challenged to a game in a weird language
Our best guess is that one of your polyglot friends is trying to beat you on his/her own turf. You have two options: deny his/her challenge or (our favorite) do your best then challenge him/her back and beat him/her mercilessly in your own language.
3. How do you calculate the half-star?
Half-stars are given out when you had the right idea, but executed it poorly. Most of the time it happens because of a typo. For a word to merit half a star, at least 75% of it needs to be spelled correctly.
4. My opponent answered a category with a word that shouldn’t be there, but you guys accepted it.
Well, that’s not really a question, but if you think a word shouldn’t be accepted feel free to reach out to us at
5. The game didn’t accept a word that it should have accepted, how can I tell you about this?
Worry not, we keep track of words that keep popping up and add them into the categories over time if we think they’re appropriate.
6. What if I can’t find a word that starts with the chosen letter that fits into a category?
You can always skip that category – you don’t need to fill everything out in order to stop the game.
7. Is there a way to brag after I beat someone?
Not yet. But we do believe that the best trash talk is done in person.
8. I went second and typed in the first word faster than my opponent did, then stopped the game, but I lost. Why?
When you go second, you need to score at least the same number of points as your opponent, in a shorter period of time. So if you answered the first category more quickly but he answered 3 categories correctly before sending you the game, he wins.
9. Can I play without connecting to Facebook?
Unfortunately, no. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to play against your friends, and Facebook is the best way to do that.


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